Ticket to Ride App Reviews

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Slick adaptation

Im having tons of fun

Not working since last update

It was working just fine before the last update, now it crashes everytime I try to launch the app!

Super Umgesetzt!

Tolle Animationen und Sprachausgabe

No Bluetooth

We are sitting here during Christmas vacation, trying to play. A genius deleted Bluetooth in the "upgrade"....Thank you! Do not buy and delete app

Bring the bluetooth back!

No bluetooth anymore, so no chance for us in the vacations to play ticket to ride... Sad for us. The Bluetooth thing was the reason for us to buy it.

Deleted Bluetooth

It was a good game... Then a update came and deleted the bluetooth which we used to play in vacations. Next update they perhaps multiplayer altogether who knows....

Bring back Bluetooth

One of the best familygames before Days of Wonder killed the bluetooth lokal play mode. Dont know why. Please bring it back!

Instacrash on iPad 1

Dear developers, please urgently fix it. I was planning a board game evening with ios devices, now the iPad 1 cannot start it at all! There are very few games left, which are still supported for the oldest iPad, please dont abandon it!

Opponent can see your tickets in pass & play

On the new India map, at least, your opponent can see your tickets from the "its your turn" screen. The game loses much of its appeal when you know exactly what your opponent is planning...

Unfortunate update

I dont see any improvement. The previous version is the upgrade from this one. If I had a choice, I would not have updated this app. And, why havent the developers put the Nordic map online?

From the best to the worst

Why would you change the location of the pick up pile of new cards right next to the pick up of trains? Why would you enlarge everything to the clutter everything? Whyd you fire your last UI designer? Fire the new one and get the old one back. Wont be using the app until a new update

Very disappointing - previous version was an upgrade

Game has gone from the best game to the worst, not even worth 1 star with the recent changes or the money paid for it. Game no loner runs smoothly and is painfully slow. The new flashy screen every time someone lays tray is very irritating. The card layout makes no sense anymore, all squished together in one area.

New Interface is Terrible

I love to play TTR but cant stand the new look. Its clunky, hard to find what you need, and is visually unappealing. I cant enjoy a game anymore. What a disappointment. The last version was perfect. Please turn back time.


This is a fantastic demonstration of how to ruin a game. I want to downgrade - the best thing Days Of Wonder can do is to remove this version and rollout the old one. New users - if you dont have this already, dont buy it.

Game suffers from new interface

This is a great little game for kids and for adults looking for some casual strategy. But the new interface is cluttered and significantly harder to read. Even the touch gestures feel more awkward. I actually find it difficult to play now. I would give it a 2, but the previous versions were very good.

Ugly update

Latest update is ugly and not user-friendly.

Highly-addictive game

New to TTR, but absolutely love the game. Not sure if I wouldve liked the previous version even more (like a lot of reviewers have posted), but aside from being slightly buggy at times, the game if very fun to play...Highly-recommended download!

Very poor redesign

I cant really express how really disappointed I am with this new version 2.0. Gameplay is now clunky, new sounds annoying, and all wrapped in a new unintuitive UI. In short, my favourite iPad game has been utterly ruined. Why?

Newest update much better

Newest update is a big improvement over the last. Layout and speed has been brought back up to a good level. Only downfall, is that old high scores have still been lost.

I wish Id never updated

I was addicted to Ticket to ride before they updated the ui and the bots. The Dec. 14 update is at least usable, but the version before they started making changes was smoother, simpler, and more fun. I dont think Im going to play anymore...and to think I was excited at the prospect of more maps....:-(. No more.

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