Ticket to Ride Recenzje App

Bardzo udana adaptacja.

Graficznie przesliczna. Nie znalem tej gry wczesniej, ale zasady sa proste, tutorial prowadzi za raczke, pozniej zostaje juz tylko testowanie roznych strategii. Gra online dziala OK, czekam na mozliwosc gry w wiecej osob na 1 iPadzie (zapowiadaja w nastepnej wersji).

Ticket to ride - wszystkie wersje

Świetna gra, szczególne do gry online, polecam!

Genialna gra

Najlepsza gra strategiczna. Rewelacyjne odwzorowanie gry planszowej. Swnietnie sie gra po multi. Troche kosztuje, ale warto.


Moja żona po prostu uwielbia grać w tę grę. Reguły są bardzo proste, grafika doskonała. Proponuję poczekać na promocje i nic tylko brać!

Dobra planszówka

Miła dla oka, prosta i grywalna - w trybie multi można stracić wiele godzin


Jedna z ciekawszych pozycji na iPada. Czekam na kolejne mapy.

We Play Nearly Every Weekend

My wife and I have playing “local play” on our iPads for years. It’s one of the best games I’ve played. I highly recommend.


Playing online doesn't work out. You get disconnected from about one of every three games you play.

Please fix start timer glitch on multiplayer games

Irrespective of which player takes time to choose their starting tickets, only the first player (Randomly chosen) loses their start time. This becomes frustrating when you pick your tickets quickly but the other player ends up wasting time. PS - I can fix this for you if you need help, but please fix it.

Pass n play

Pass-n-play has a major bug. It does not let me pass to my friend. It’s an npc playing the other character. Other times, both players are npc. Crazy. Something is wrong with the game.

Battery life

The game play on this app is amazing. 5 stars for game play. The online game experience can be frustrating to figure out. 2 stars The app is battery draining. 2 stars Not updated for the current phone displays. 1 star. Luckily the game is so much fun and the app makes it intuitive that I will still rate it at 4 stars. I have gifted this app to friends at least 6 times. Wish the developer would stay on top of updates to the app more often. Feel like it has been forgotten about since it’s release.

So glitchy

Every time I try to create an online game, the app crashes. It’s infuriating. The chat feature doesn’t seem to work. The only way my husband and I can play together is if we’re in a local game connected to the same WiFi network. Can’t believe we paid $5 EACH for an app that mostly doesn’t work.

Great game for kids an adults

Game is fun. Played board game with child, so getting this was a no brainer. Only complaint is that you login id doesn’t stay when you have play it offline (which I do on my commute). I’m constantly having to type my id and password in after the fact. Only game that forces me to do that. Causes the loss of a star. Yes it is that annoying.

Great Game, Patiently Waiting for iPhone X Optimization

Love this game! Is good mobile version of the board game. Only thing is it would be great to be iPhone 10 optimized, the black bars are ugly.

Nice work

Making a game that I can’t play online till I create an account that you won’t let me create. Totally worth 5 bucks for a non functioning core part of the game Gratz

Game is fun but Local Play is Spotty

Great game to play. Easier than the board game. Only bad thing is it disconnects a lot on local play. Also does not play well on our iPad Mini.

Online games crash app

I use to love playing online with this app but even after reinstalling it the app crashes. It gets stuck on the authentication and if you select cancel the app crashes. If you look at it wrong the app crashes

No AI difficulty settings makes the game way to easy

No AI difficulty settings makes the game way to easy and online matches are hard to find.

Online competition is better

Here’s my takes: 1. If you love the game, download the app. 2. The AI/robot players are so stupid. They often make random plays on the board with no connection to their routes when they could easily finish their routes with the same cards. There are several strategies you can use in this game and they don’t play any of them. 3. Play online when you have the time. Much more realistic and competitive. 4. I read a lot of reviews from people about a year ago regarding online glitching. I’ve had the app about 2 months and while I can’t say it’s been perfect online, I’d say it’s only affected about 10% of my online games. Ideally it wouldn’t ever have an issue but it’s not bad enough to discourage anybody from getting the app.

Online Play is Super Buggy!

I love this game, but I’m constantly booted from online play which is odd because I’m on Google fiber and have a super fast connection. Each time I was booted during the last two or three turns of the game and I had plenty of time left. The common cause of booting was when I selected a train car or reviewed my routes. It always happened immediately which is very suspicious of a bug when data is imputed. I’ve contacted support, but never heard back. I’ve also tried hitting resume, but it says a game doesn’t exist? The board game is 5 Stars. The app is one because every few games your game will be wiped clean like it never happened.

Pretty great version of the board game

I just wanted everyone to know that this is a solid version of Ticket to Ride. The music and sound cues are extremely helpful in notifying that it is your turn. The one downside, at least on the current version, is that it does not yet support the iPhone X screen. Even still, the game plays well, it just bothers me since I’m used to the new screen now. Hope this helps potential buyers!

Stealing money

I loves this app when I bought it a few years ago. For a while, it’s been telling me that the app is no longer supported, so I had to “migrate.” And to migrate, I had to pay $4.99. And I got ZERO benefit for my $4.99. It’s THE EXACT SAME GAME, with no additional maps or improvements. What a freaking rippff.

Gets boring...

The game is, for the most part, fun. I own the bored game version and play it frequently, which is why i purchased the app in the first place. For the price though I expected a better game than what it is. The bots when playing in solo mode are completely useless; it’s not any challenge to win whatsoever. The bots rarely ever make more than two tickets, which is in no way realistic. Their moves are also sporadic and make no sense half of the time, making it more frustrating when they randomly place in a spot that blocks a path you need. It changes the game dynamic from one based on skill to one of random chance. Online mode is scarcely better. It takes several minutes to find an appointment at times, which wouldn’t be a problem if you could exit the game and wait until someone is found. You end up waiting with this screen until someone picks on your game. If you want to pick someone else’s game instead of making your own, you need to have a certain level of “karma” that the created chooses. When almost all creators choose the karma level restriction, how are you supposed to build karma? You can’t even play a game! There also is no option to unlock other maps through gameplay. Almost everything requires in-app purchases and none of them are cheap. The quality honestly doesn’t match the price. If they wanted to make it better, they should at least add difficulty to the bots or create a form of levels with varying maps. The game just gets boring after a certain amount of plays.

Dumb AI

Game has issues with connectivity at times... when you’re disconnected/kicked, the bots step in. At that point, might as well end the game because not once have I returned to a game in which the AI has intelligently made a move. Forget the most direct route or route that gains the most points- not usually performs a move in which even the most novice player would scratch their head. Fix the AI.

Migration To Get PA Did Not Work

Problem resolved so I can now raise my review rating. Previous Review (*) I migrated as instructed, but cannot get the PA map. I have tried every way I can think of which included resetting my iPad and selecting restore punches several time and still no PA map.

Good game

Will ttr New York be added to the app?

app keeps crashing

whenever I open the app my phone keeps crashing and it’s not my phone, it’s definitely the app. Please fix!


Players randomly replaced with bots in async games when players have plenty of time left. Very annoying!

Total rip-off for original owners

I had the older version of the app before they discontinued the updates. They included pop-ups saying I needed to upgrade to the new (read: pay) app, so I did. Guess what? It’s exactly the same as the older app! No iPhone X support, the new maps are still in-app purchases, and the same old graphics and gameplay. What a rip-off. The two stars are given because the game is still fun.

Almost perfect

I love this game. Been playing it since it first came out. Only problem is it is buggy on the last turn. It will refuse to let you play your last move because you don’t have enough cards, but it is wrong. When you try to move the top card to play it changes the number of cards to one less but when you return the top card it shows the number needed to claim the route.

Somewhat disappointed🙁

Our family loves the board game so we went ahead and bought this a few days ago. When the game works everything is wonderful But we do get booted out quite a bit because we like to play with other players online we lose our points. The biggest complaint is a personal one. This game is rated for years and up but unfortunately there is live chat. I have an eight and a nine-year-old who enjoy this very much but unfortunately they’ve been coming to me asking me what certain words mean. It doesn’t matter what race you are some of the vulgar words and conversations that are going on right alongside the game are absolutely apalling. There is no need for that in the family game😡 sensor or filter for that vulgar language

Ends game inexplicably

Although I’ve played many games fined, the experience is soured by the times I’ve been kicked out inexplicably and replaced with a bot. My opponent (a friend) sends me the final score of the game he finished without me. I get no notice the game just disappears from my list of open games. I still have time left on the countdown so it’s perplexing to me why I’m pushed out. And why is there a countdown between friends anyway? There should be an option to turn that off. The physical version of the game is an easy five stars. The solo version is at least four stars. The online play though is, in addition to the above problem, beset by bugs and earns one lonely star. As online play is primarily why I purchased this it gets no more than two stars. Come on Asmodee — fix this.

Terrible Update

This is a terrible update. Graphics are worse. The game locks up. It is very BUGGY!!! It is no longer a family favorite. We never review anything....so this is BAD. Give me the old version back or give me my money back. I paid more for that great version than you are asking for the new version. The new version is worth $0. You should have asked your customers not just made the change. Buyers BEWARE!!! It calculates the longest route wrong time after time. REALLY?!

Latest update made cards glitchy

This latest update has caused the cards to load in a very jerky fashion, also eliminating ability to quickly select two available cards quickly without having to wait for first to fully move to player stack. Please fix

Bugs, crashes, and errors

Love the game but I don’t know how anyone can play anymore with all the “client time out” and “authenticating” errors. I’ve purchased some expansions and was planning on purchasing more but the app is unplayable at this point. What a waste of a great game.

Good luck playing the european expansion

No real instructions on the expansions on how to play. It breaks the game. I'm an avid board gamer, and though the original is playable the expansions are broken

Buggy, frustrating

I love the game but when playing online timed games frequently get kicked out. When trying to get back in and resume get hung up on “authenticating” or it logs me out completely. I’m sure this angers those I’m playing against as they just have to watch my timer wind down until I’m replaced by a robot. Even games I’m able to finish I’ll get kicked out for a minute or two a few times due to “client time out”. Again, would play much more frequently if not so frustrating


Great game, but very expensive for only 1 map. Have to purchase all the other maps in the app.

Game is fun..

I like the game, but it is a little annoying that I just paid a premium price for a phone app and only one board is unlocked. They then ask for more money for more boards, fine, that is understandable. It would just be a little easier to stomach spending more if the initial price tag had been a little bit lower...


Can you add the count of each players longest trains? I like to see how close the counts are and it would be much easier if we just received a count of our longest train instead of having to count them ourselves. I would guess other players would appreciate this as well. Thanks.

Great game buuuut...

The only thing I don’t like is how the AI will draw routes and attempt to complete them, and then as soon as you draw more routes, they abandon all hope for their previously drawn routes and lay as many trains as possible just so they can end the game. People who play the board game don’t play like that..I understand it’s just a game and you can’t make the AI perfect, but come on. I had a game where the computer didn’t finish a four point route because they’d rather lay down 6 cars instead, just to finish the game.

Too Expensive for Adequate Game

The game is fun but very basic. It doesn’t feel like anyone went above and beyond to make this a great user experience. For $8.99 it should include more than just one map. If you enjoy strategy games and feel this game is worth $9, go ahead, but if you are on the fence at all, I recommend you skip on this app.

Didn’t work as designed

I purchased an earlier version of this game. It had me set up an account to “migrate” my purchase. It didn’t happen.

Crashing bug in latest version

Please fix app crashing when viewing the results of a game! When games end and I attempt to view the results, the app immediately crashes. This happens after you hit the play option from resuming an online game.

How much money does it take??

After paying $9 for this game, you only unlock one region, and you have to pay for the others.

Love the game hate the app

I bought this game hoping to be able to play it on the road with my family but I can't play two or more persons on local play.i only have the option of selecting 1 player and 3 bots. That's stupid. Money well wasted here

Addicting fun!

Love this game and the app makes it way easier (and cheaper) to have multiple TTR maps with me all the time! I just wish you didn’t have to make a new account with them to play online - you should be able to log in with Facebook/Google/etc. credentials like other apps let you do. Also it would be nice to have the final scores visual displayed in score order instead of player order with the bottom/last player highlighted how it currently is. Overall, these are very minor gripes for an excellent game. Definitely recommended!

Avoid version 2.5.7, 14 Feb 2018

UPDATE 15 Feb 2018 - the fix evidently is that now when I try to select an online game he list of games disappears with a message that my filters may be too restrictive. Clever fix. 14 Feb 2018: Version 2.5.7 crashes in the online Europe games whenever a station is built by any player, denying you the ability to build stations yourself. Animations of card taking are glitchy and slower than the previous versions. I love this game but this release needs a bug fix in a serious way.

Update Problems

Latest update is not good. Europe game crashes every single time you try to claim a city. Too frustrating to even play for now :(

Three stars but could be 5

1. I can't express how trusting it is to be told you don't have insufficient cards to play a route. It's cost me the game several times. 6 cards on a gray route. Insufficient cards. 1 locomotive and and 1 car route? Insufficient card. 2. The bots. My suggestion is to give each. Bot a skill level ranging from easiest to hardest. Fixing the first will make people the happiest. Adding the second will add replayability.


In the solo version of the game you play against the computer with as many as 4 other players. The computer knows your cards and starts playing against your moves before you have even started planning them. Depending on how many players you choose to play against (all the computer) they play directly against you instead of playing their cards and trying to win. Say you play against 3 other player, two will play against you and the other 1 will play to win. It is ridiculous and awful. I don’t know if they want you to play another version of the game other than solo or if they want you to spend money on new boards but it shouldn’t be like this. It just makes you not want to play the game. I would really like my money back.

Don’t get for multiple people playing on the same device

It’s really good exempt every time I get on pass and play my game crashes and it won’t ever let me do it

Rules of a Game

...the joy of playing a game usually is a part of the people one plays with. This standard of play, at its zenith, should represent this factor. A game should be laughingly-enjoyable: I.E.: "yea... I lost...and kudos to you. Really. Great job. And maybe you'll share a secret or two with me...? And if not, I'll go to sleep in peace." I trust my shipmates. I don't know you.

Why so nasty or stupid? Great game, poor app

Just updated hoping it would be fairer. It's not. Computer seems to know where I plan to go, even when I'm not picking up a specific color and it's not on their route. So I miss 2 routes because they go out just after I pick two routes that I can easily finish with two cards. I don't like cut throat playing. Never is is random cards either. I usually play against the computer, if using the app. But at times the computer players are so stupid (forgo any easy connection that would give them a route and put their cars randomly about the board) or they seem to know what I'm going to play and take the spots I need. When nasty they end the game just before I can finish my routes or just quickly put down large trains. I play for enjoyment I don't enjoy cut throat tactics. I play the board game with friends and enjoy playing the app, but at times it is way too frustrating!

Mixed feelings...

2 1/2 stars, if I’m being generous. Such a cool idea and game, but the solo option for this game is so annoying. It’s like the app knows when you need a certain color for your path and will not, under ANY circumstance, give it to you. Also the computer apparently feels like it has to use up all of its trains before I’ve even used half of mine, which isn’t fair. And it purposely takes some of the paths that I wanted to take. Since I do love this game it’s so much better playing with people on a real board.

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