Ticket to Ride Recenzje App

Bardzo udana adaptacja.

Graficznie przesliczna. Nie znalem tej gry wczesniej, ale zasady sa proste, tutorial prowadzi za raczke, pozniej zostaje juz tylko testowanie roznych strategii. Gra online dziala OK, czekam na mozliwosc gry w wiecej osob na 1 iPadzie (zapowiadaja w nastepnej wersji).

Ticket to ride - wszystkie wersje

Świetna gra, szczególne do gry online, polecam!

Genialna gra

Najlepsza gra strategiczna. Rewelacyjne odwzorowanie gry planszowej. Swnietnie sie gra po multi. Troche kosztuje, ale warto.


Moja żona po prostu uwielbia grać w tę grę. Reguły są bardzo proste, grafika doskonała. Proponuję poczekać na promocje i nic tylko brać!

Dobra planszówka

Miła dla oka, prosta i grywalna - w trybie multi można stracić wiele godzin


Jedna z ciekawszych pozycji na iPada. Czekam na kolejne mapy.

Good for New Players, but OK for all others

What is Ticket to Ride? If you’re not familiar with Ticket to Ride, it’s a modern classic in tabletop games. Forget Monopoly, Life, Sorry, and Clue. There’s a new era of games, and TTR has sold over 3 Million Copies — and for good reason. It’s a great game. If You’ve Never Played Ticket to Ride - the App is a great introduction to the gameplay. It gives you a good overview of the game, and there are several maps to purchase as IAP. If you HAVE played Ticket to Ride - the App is OK. The AI’s are generally predictable, and the development team seems to be more excited about putting together more maps than updating the AI, or improving the servers for those who like to play online. Further Thoughts: Remember when iTunes was first released? It was amazing. A music-software with a store where you could purchase music. Fast forward many years, and Apple has added feature upon feature upon feature to a base-code that wasn’t intended to be what it is today. It does what it does OK, but it’s not at all great. Such is the Ticket to Ride app. When it was first released, it was one of the best (if not the best) modern gaming apps available on iOS. It expanded to other platforms. And expanded with more expansions/maps. And expanded some more, and some more, and some more. As a result, it’s “OK” at what it does, but it’s not great. In the same way Days of Wonder made a “Small World 2” app, it’s time for a Ticket to Ride 2 app. Having it redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up is a tall order, for sure. But for those with any decent amount of TTR playing experience, the App experience is only getting worse. So if you’re new to TTR, it’s worth getting the app. Really, it is. But for those with a good bit of TTR experience, the app is OK, and needs some pretty serious tweaking to make it an app that you’ll go to regularly. With Better AI’s, better servers with cross-platform play, etc., TTR could take the top spot in modern tabletop game apps once again.

Luv the board game, hate the app

Update: yet another issue has surfaced. This latest update Nov2017 has now resulted in an active Germany game being crossed with a UK Advanced game. 4 players are well into a Germany game, each with different times remaining. After the update, our Germany game disappeared and a UK Advanced game appeared with the exact same 4 players and the exact same time remaining as in the Germany game (we could tell because 1 person didn’t update TTR on one device and did the comparison). None of us bought the UK Advanced version and when we open it (it has a notification that it is each of our turns) to supposedly take our turn, it crashes TTR completely. So we have lost the ability to play yet another game. How many times do we have to put up with buggy software that we actually paid for? And, where is the company’s customer service? The TTR app is deeply disappointing. I do not recommend paying money for it. App bugs ruin the fun. Lack of responsive support is infuriating. I was in 7 different games, all different maps with different players. All in different states of play. One morning I had notifications it was my turn but when I went to play ALL of my games were gone. My friends all said I was still in the games and they couldn’t take a turn because they were waiting on me. After trying many many things over the course of a couple of weeks, my friends all had to withdraw and then start over. I contacted support and they said it was a problem on their end and never heard any more despite me reaching out many times. Gave up. Started new games and now in one game I’ve turned into a bot with 9+ days still left. I can’t believe I paid $$ for all these games. Responsive Customer service would go a long way to upping the stars on this review even with the buggy software.

Thanks but no thanks

Big update today but no iPhone X support. Boo!

What is going on here?

I bought this app because the version i had (TTR Europe) told me it needed to be updated to support iOS 11 and TTF Europe was no longer available stand alone. I have 2 devices I use and one has been updated to iOS 11 and it will not install the app on the iPad because it is not compatible. it works fine on my device running iOS 10

Login issues

Used to love playing this but for some reason, I have been logged out and the app won’t let me log back in. Ugh!!!

Can’t Log In

I’m obsessed with the app for one of my favorite games! Until recently that is. Not sure if the recent update for apple is what is causing the glitch for the app but out of nowhere I was logged out of my app and when trying to log back in the app freezes.

Love game however

Recently it will not let me log into my account. I hit log in and it asks for email. I put email then it does nothing. Anyone else having this issue

It’s a fantastic game

But the reason I’m only giving it 3 stars is because you’re held hostage to a player who decides to not play anymore and the game comes to a halt for 15 minutes. This is annoying and has basically deterred me from wanting to play this game any longer. It happens every game. We need an option to kick players out of games. This is ridiculous.

Unreliable online play

Online multiplayer play frequently resets if it works at all. Don't buy this game.


The game is fun, and works properly 85% of the time, but bugs happen way too often

Great game!

Ticket to Ride is great and the new maps are awesome. Can’t wait to see which map gets added next!

Same game, charged twice

This is the exact same game they had previously, but they released it new and stopped maintaining their old version. There are other maps than just the USA, but each map is $0.99. So no deals there. If you have the previous version, don't buy this one. It should have been released as an update, not different game.

Please fix bugs!

I quit TTR Pocket a long time ago because multiplayer was dead. Here, with plenty of synchronous matches, that's not a problem. The AI seems a bit too easy though. UPDATE: I lost a game because the server incorrectly made me run out of time. Please treat your players better than this!

Not fun

I could not understand how to play this game. The tutorial would draw and play cards for me without explaining why I should do that. Since I never played the board game, I couldn’t figure out what to do next or why. Very confused. Putting this game aside.

Great game need bug fixes

Love the game. Please update while playing it keeps timing you out and take back to menu then got to resume does this multiple times. Please fix.

Not much for the money

And notifications of your turn in online games doesn’t work...

Notification bug in latest version

Please fix notifications! The app used to alert you when it was your turn but this has ceased working in the latest version. All notification settings are on but it’s not working.

Fantastic app!

This is a wonderful interface for a fun, classic board game! I've played TTR for over a decade. I downloaded this to play online with a friend who lives a couple hours away, and it was as fun as playing it live. The new version with all the expansion boards is much better than the older "pocket" version, loads quicker and I love the challenges of the new boards. A few glitches needing to restart the app because of an incoming call, probably due to my cellular data connection, but the game picked up right where it should. It's sometimes hard to tell who's turn it is-- the Germany board has a nice feature of the active player's banner dropping down a bit-- it'd be nice if this happened on every board. Otherwise there's a tiny little clock moving next to the avatar of the active player, a very tiny, very little clock tucked away in the corner of a very busy screen. It's a pretty minor issue though, overall this is a great app!

Bug: Clock won't stop running

The app is pretty good but online play is horrible because of this one bug. My clock won't stop running and then I get kicked out. Makes it not worth playing


Great way to waste time on the bus

Great game but Buggiest app ever used

I was addicted to the board game, finally tried the app-loved it! Except I reinstall all the time because it's so freakin' buggy -fix it! I paid for a lot of maps (versions) and can't use it for a day without it becoming unusable (client timeout') for online gaming -so frustrating!


Fun when it works, but 90% of the time it's glitching.

Add-on packages please

This is a fairly straightforward conversion from the board game. Yes there are glitches, especially for local play, that need further development. However overall it is stable and a great game on both iPad and iPhone to play solo or via pass and play. That said, the packaging of the add-on purchases is confusing and inconsistent. For starters, some of the add-on maps are $1.99 while others are $.99. On Android, pricing for all maps is $.99, even the same ones they are charging $1 more for on iOS. Why is there not parity in pricing between the different platforms? And why not charge the same price for all maps please? Second, why not offer a bundle of $5 or something for all maps? Must I really buy them one by one? This feels like the game owner outsourced development to a third party who decided to advise them on all matters of electronic games, and the client walked blindly on faith that the vendor had a clue. Chances are great that the vendor is either gone or perhaps needs to listen to feedback a bit more. Let's see. Response please?

Would give 0 Stars for Inaccessibility

Have been kicked out of my online login and had serious problems logging back in not once, but nearly 6 times now in a single week of playing. App crashes every few games and will not log back into a player account. I bought the game to play with friends and game WILL NOT allow players as guests, so the login problem is essentially one that prevents ALL functionality of the app. Problems: app crashing, login issues, cannot use for intended purpose Other issues that are nearly deal breakers: - Challenging to see who's turn it is - no "undo" button for when game registers the wrong click or misinterprets where you wanted to place something - Takes 8-9 clicks to get into a game (might not seem like a lot but...) - Cannot toggle between games so must start from the home page every time - making those 8-9 clicks over and over and over and over again until you want to scream. - Help function is not helpful - Because of board layout, occasionally the game will incorrectly register placing cards when you are simply swiping up on your phone for volume/music/utilities. - Bots are too stupid.

Terrible AIs (bots)

Don't waste you $ on this. AIs used to gave personality and be fun to play against. Now they all just play to block you and make random moves. Way to wreck the game.

Great implementation of a great board game

I paged through some reviews that were pretty critical of this app, and some that thought that this was a great game. My family really enjoyed the board game. I wanted something we could play together on our devices. So, we took a chance, despite a few negative reviews. Honestly, we were ALL impressed. We felt that the phone and tablet implementations were very true to the board game. I thought the interface was very well done. I have a slight preference to the iPad version, since it's a bigger screen and just looks a bit better to me. But, I played it on both, and thought it was very well done. My wife is an Android user, and we were able to connect and play together without a problem. I highly recommend this game. No problems here! We even tried a few of the extra versions of the game, some we didn't even know about. All worked great!

Fun until you play online

Pretty well executed until you start to play online. I was just booted for a game for running out of time. Even though I made my moves immediately, the game glitched and kept running down my time and wouldn't move to the next player. Going to get pretty boring after awhile if the online function isn't fixed!


Horrible. In the on-line version, your opponent can simply decide to leave the game and YOU are left to sit there for 10,11,12 minutes WAITING and wondering what the heck is going on. The person who left the game gets NO points deducted for leaving the game (So if you have bad rountes, you just LEAVE). And when the robot finally does finally take over for the person who left and you win the game, you get NO points for winning. Total waste of your valuable time. The software developers should be embarrassed

So Glitchy

Great game and gameplay graphics, but online play is very glitchy and not user friendly. Local play does not work at all. Account creation and buddy addition is problematic also. Will pay for new maps if they solve the technical issues.

Used to be fun

I love this game, the board version and the app. version. But lately the glitches just make it frustrating. My clock constantly runs which makes me run out of time and get replaced by a bot. Or I get kicked out with an error message, once three times in one game. It's not really that fun anymore unless I play solo, and that's not great. Heck, I've even had trouble writing this review!

Why so nasty or stupid?

I usually play against the computer, if using the app. But at times the computer players are so stupid (forgo any easy connection that would give them a route and put their cars randomly about the board) or they seem to know what I'm going to play and take the spots I need. When nasty they end the game just before I can finish my routes or just quickly put down large trains. I play for enjoyment I don't enjoy cut throat tactics. I play the board game with friends and enjoy playing the app, but at times it is way too frustrating!

Great Game, poor customer service

I played the board game then got the app for my iPad mini, 1st gen, then got several expansion packs and was playing all the time, mostly online against strangers but a few solo games too. Great fun, and shockingly few glitches! I even showed it to a friend who then got it for her aging Kindle. Then all of a sudden my account somehow got wiped and my game history gone! :'( It's been about two weeks and no word from customer service. I haven't played at all for fear I'll lose any chance of getting it back. I hope they're listening, because they've lost an addict. :/

Constantly repurchasing extensions

I love the games but my expansion packs constantly disappear. I'm tired if it. Every time they force me to switch my main game I lose my expansions. This is a total rip off.

Great game, app needs work

I think the actual game play on this app is great. However I have to close and restart the app after every game because it glitches. But if you want a fun game to become obsessed with, it's worth buying!

Fun game bad timer

The timer on this game is inaccurate. My timer will tick off 5 seconds before I can even make a play. It starts running before it's even my turn. It's so frustrating because I get booted from games all the time even though my play is quick. Needs to be fixed.

Great, addictive, never gets old!

Have been playing this for years, both against bots and friends. Very enjoyable!

Great Game

I got this because I was considering buying the physical version and wanted to see how much fun it would be (btw, lots of fun). I was almost scared off by the reviews, however, I have been running this on my iPad Air 2 and haven't run into any crashes or glitches at all.

Love this game as board game, now digital

Next version, please please make it available on Apple TV. It would be great to have all of my family watch and play on Apple TV.

Great App, Some Glitches

I got the board game a few months back. Several expansion packs and versions later, I'm a true fan. I just got around to downloading the app last night and had a GREAT time playing my first few games (solo, online with strangers, and online with a friend both live and turn-based). I had a GREAT time! The only glitches I experienced was in one game with a stranger. His turns were taking forever, he or she wouldn't chat, and when I would hard close the game and reload, my timer would be way lower. This makes me wonder whether the problem was the other player's behavior or a glitchy app. Reading other reviews leads me to believe it's the latter, so 4 stars not 5. Full disclosure, it's still a 4++ for me because all the essential elements of this masterfully designed game were beautifully and faithfully available in the app. It's stupid that you can't change your train color. I don't always want to be green!


I saw my aunt playing these and asked her what she was playing she said Ticket to Ride. I said I love that game and downloaded it that instant.

Excellent app

Not entirely sure why there are so many negative reviews, have played 40+ games and have had zero problems. Only complaint is when people stop playing because they know they are going to lose. Would be nice to have a notification when it's your turn but just paying attention works for that. By far the best app I have one my iPad, just wish catan could learn and make a feasible online app.


We love this app! We have the board game and we never play it because this app is so much better!

A few issues, but overall good

Lately when playing with friends through invite, I have noticed we often get "sync errors" and then all have the EXACT SAME TICKETS. Makes for a frustrating game. Still overall like the game, this is a bug that needs to get fixed asap!!

Full of bugs! Don't buy!

The Pennsylvania map usually ends with showing different results to different players. I contacted their support and they said they are working "as fast as can" on the problem. That was a month ago... An expensive app that does not deliver what it promises.

Beautiful game (ignore other reviews)

This game is beautiful it's never lagged for me and I've Been playing for over a week great game

Excellent version

I own the hardcopy versions of ticket to ride, Europe and Nordic. And when we have the table space, the games are wonderful. I was concerned about purchasing the online version, given some of the negative reviews. However, my concerns were unfounded. My husband and I have played the United States and Europe versions, solo, and together, each of us using our own iPad. No glitches playing for three hours each time we are in an infusion center. Ticket provides much needed entertainment, challenge, and distraction. An extra bonus for me is that I'm able to see and follow the route much more easily than on the board. We are looking forward to playing the Asian version we bought as well!

Don't waste your money

Bad UI

Perfect version of a great board game

I love this game. Its glitch free, expandable and provides my whole family hours of fun.

Solo play competition player makes no sense

Abandons routes it could easily win for longer route segments and those extra points, but ends up losing the game, especially in USA 1910 Mega, because of losing back so many points for incomplete routes. I keep playing to hone my play for the tabletop version, but it can get frustrating!


This is one of the BIGGEST FAILS of converting a board game to an app I've ever seen. I'm only giving it a single star because I have to give it something to post my feedback ... that's how bad it is. I can't remember the last time I started an online game and was able to finish without it locking up for me or my opponent, or the game timer worked correctly. In solo games the play by the bots makes no sense and affects the outcomes for both the human and the bot. Ranking is affected, ability to join certain games is affected. If the game was free I could understand problems but this game wasn't free, plus I've paid money for several add-ons. Don't waste your time or your money.

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