Ticket to Ride Recenzje App

Bardzo udana adaptacja.

Graficznie przesliczna. Nie znalem tej gry wczesniej, ale zasady sa proste, tutorial prowadzi za raczke, pozniej zostaje juz tylko testowanie roznych strategii. Gra online dziala OK, czekam na mozliwosc gry w wiecej osob na 1 iPadzie (zapowiadaja w nastepnej wersji).

Ticket to ride - wszystkie wersje

Świetna gra, szczególne do gry online, polecam!

Genialna gra

Najlepsza gra strategiczna. Rewelacyjne odwzorowanie gry planszowej. Swnietnie sie gra po multi. Troche kosztuje, ale warto.


Moja żona po prostu uwielbia grać w tę grę. Reguły są bardzo proste, grafika doskonała. Proponuję poczekać na promocje i nic tylko brać!

Dobra planszówka

Miła dla oka, prosta i grywalna - w trybie multi można stracić wiele godzin


Jedna z ciekawszych pozycji na iPada. Czekam na kolejne mapy.

Good game

My first question is, when are you going to add the Nederland expansion, it is one of my favorite boards. Second question, can you change the bots perspective on how to win the game, they make decisions that are just plain dumb. All in all I think that it is a great app, but it could use a couple fixes.

Mixed feelings...

2 1/2 stars, if I’m being generous. Such a cool idea and game, but the solo option for this game is so annoying. It’s like the app knows when you need a certain color for your path and will not, under ANY circumstance, give it to you. Also the computer apparently feels like it has to use up all of its trains before I’ve even used half of mine, which isn’t fair. And it purposely takes some of the paths that I wanted to take. Since I do love this game it’s so much better playing with people on a real board.

New updates please

I really enjoy the game. But,I have some reasons for an update. 1. Increase max players to 8 players for Online. 2. Add more computer players. 3. Make difficulties harder. 4. Make more cities on the USA map (Make more for Canada on the USA map) When you make a new update. I’ll give your game 5 stars the next time I write your company a review.

Doesn’t work since last update for Christmas

This app has been a favorite for years! I love the board game and the app is just like it with really smooth play. Except now it won’t load a solo game (where you play against the computers) it shuts down every time. This only started happening when they did the Christmas update to make everything look snowy and Christmas like. Please fix it soon!

An embarrassment

This is a fantastic board game, in a complete mess of an app. It is incredibly complicated and badly designed for the simplest of actions. Glitchy and unreliable. This is an embarrassment and not worthy of a great game. You can do better than this.

More to buy?!? F U

You pay $9 for the game to find out you cant play most games without paying more. Then you find out you cant play the few that happen on your map because “karma” and “ranked games” so you cant play the game at all...

Amazing app!

So much fun I love it! Really feels like the board game!

How about a nod to color blind players?

Seriously? In solo mode you can only play green? Come on devs, you can do better.

Won't Open

I can't open it after the latest update.

iPhone X Support

Just got your latest update, which I believe is the 2nd since iPhone X launch, and still have no support for the new screen resolutions. Game still looks bad on new flagship. Is there a fix anywhere in sight?

If only...

I really Iike playing this game I play it all the time on my iPad as well as the actual board game at home. But lately when I'm playing the train tickets on the right hand side are not populating so I can't pick up any tickets or it only shows 1 or 2 tickets available instead of the normal 5 tickets or the deck won't appear. I really hope this gets fixed because it's really frustrating to play. :/

Great game app

TTR app is one of the best apps I’ve ever bought! Hours of fun distraction from the woes of the world (like politics!)

App is crashing before I can even hit “Play”

...And there is nothing to be done. This is happening on both my iPad and IPhone. I have deleted the app and reinstalled on both, that did not work. Rebooted both devices, that didn’t work. I am not sure what happened, but I cannot access the app at all. Update 3:39 pm 12/7/17: it appears the problem is with the Apple Game Center interface. If I open the app while logged into Game Center, it crashes. If I log into Game Center with the app already open, it crashes when I click “Online.” So I cannot play my online games that I have going with my friends until the bug is fixed or until I time out of the games. Sorry, friends!

Weird Play

Love this board game, only like the app. My most significant complaint is that the computer players are often playing to spoil - not to win. A round will finish, and I’m the only player to complete a route. Please fix.

Latest update failed

After today’s update I can no longer play this. I select Play then Online and it try’s to authenticate and then goes right back to Play creating what seems to be an endless loop.


I love this game and play often. Only problem is when you play online and for trophy points it glitches and makes you lose. Then you lose your ranking points. Playing solo the robots are stupid and you always win. But no ranking points are awarded. If you want to waste time with robots go for it. :(

Great fun

I just wish I could play with other people who are with me on my iPad.

Definitely like!

Nice picture and proper sound notice makes good presentation of the game. Brought me much fun and is a good pass time. There’s still a few problems: 1. Please fix the glitches with pass and play on iPad. I was never able to launch the game that way. It quits unexpectedly every time, making me and my friend pay twice if we want to play together even in the same room. I hope it was meant for people together to play on one device. Otherwise we can’t really persuade everybody to pay 6 dollars and get involved. 2. Cannot choose icon for myself. Always the green boy if I’m host player(But I’m girl) it doesn’t mess with the game, but allowing choice with icon is definitely more fun. Same thing for multiplayer’s locally. I cannot tell my friend from robot player unless asking his color 3. I’ve played board game and there was this concept of building a station, where you could use all routes directly connected to the station to complete your path cards. Would you be able to adapt this function? Currently it’s nothing challenging but drawing cards by luck and predicting robots routes to act accordingly. (They are pretty weak though after you’ve played a while)


Oh my god does this game blow. Oh my God does the developer response blow. How about you just refund my money. Lame.


Overpriced game includes one level and you must pay even more for more levels. The tutorial is rubbish and the game details are difficult to see on a phone sized screen. If you are familiar with and love the board game go ahead, otherwise save your money.

Enjoyable app experience

While playing the board game, I heard about this app. Within a few days, I tried this app. The app is great, however the board game has its merits over the app. When not able to play the board game, this app is perfect.

A little disappointed

I love the game play, but am pretty disappointed in the lack of maps. For the price, one map is not a lot. I understand charging for different maps and packs but, starting with one is kinda overkill. It also seriously limits the gameplay in the online pvp. Five stars for gameplay, zero stars for value.

Fun, simple and clean

It has the flexibility of time and overall people are kind. There is no bad language and the games are enjoyable if you like challenges and figure in out solutions. A game for all family members.

Great strategy app

I really enjoy playing this. Great strategy, fast play.


Live this well done app!

Love This Game!

I haven’t had any issues with it. Seems balanced to me. I used to have the Pocket version, and I like this new version better.

Just like the board game

The app is a lot like the board game. Great fun.

Please provide a version optimized for the iPhone X

Please provide a version optimized for the iPhone X

Great apps!

These games are a great challenge and I play them daily. It’s nice that even though I live alone, I can play on-line or against the “bots.”

Had to buy it again

I bought this before and now I had to pay for it again >:(

Good, but not “Great”

I really enjoy TTR and own all versions, both board and electronic... so I have a lot of experience with game play. That said, the iPhone/iPad versions are far too easy to beat when playing against Bots. The algorithms controlling Bot tactics and strategy are severely deficient - and I have some credibility making this comment, as well, because I have developed commercial software for over 20 years. The Bots make playing decisions that are just plain wrong - decisions no experienced player would ever make. I get it that the margins just probably aren’t there to make a $5 game more challenging... but I can always wish.


I quit TTR Pocket a long time ago because multiplayer was dead. Here, with plenty of synchronous matches, that's not a problem. The AI seems a bit too easy though. UPDATE: I’ve lost multiple games because the server incorrectly made me run out of time. Please treat your players better than this!

Awesome game but very unstable

TTR is definitely one of the most amazing board games ever. The assortment of tracks is exciting and fun to play. The problem lays on the unstableness of the App. I have started to play for several times and regardless of the connection the game just freezes and you are unable to continue. I have faced this both in 4G and modem connection from different places. Also, I have written to App support reporting this issue and I haven’t received any response. Think twice before downloading it.


Play it everyday.


This is a very good game to play with my family but I am can't get the Pennsylvania map! ☹️

Latest update

Lots of glitches with this update. Lost Germany board too. Very disappointing. Usually this game is great.

Bad upgrate

It was a great game; the latest update really ruined the user interface. I play the game much less since the last update.

Good for New Players, but OK for all others

What is Ticket to Ride? If you’re not familiar with Ticket to Ride, it’s a modern classic in tabletop games. Forget Monopoly, Life, Sorry, and Clue. There’s a new era of games, and TTR has sold over 3 Million Copies — and for good reason. It’s a great game. If You’ve Never Played Ticket to Ride - the App is a great introduction to the gameplay. It gives you a good overview of the game, and there are several maps to purchase as IAP. If you HAVE played Ticket to Ride - the App is OK. The AI’s are generally predictable, and the development team seems to be more excited about putting together more maps than updating the AI, or improving the servers for those who like to play online. Further Thoughts: Remember when iTunes was first released? It was amazing. A music-software with a store where you could purchase music. Fast forward many years, and Apple has added feature upon feature upon feature to a base-code that wasn’t intended to be what it is today. It does what it does OK, but it’s not at all great. Such is the Ticket to Ride app. When it was first released, it was one of the best (if not the best) modern gaming apps available on iOS. It expanded to other platforms. And expanded with more expansions/maps. And expanded some more, and some more, and some more. As a result, it’s “OK” at what it does, but it’s not great. In the same way Days of Wonder made a “Small World 2” app, it’s time for a Ticket to Ride 2 app. Having it redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up is a tall order, for sure. But for those with any decent amount of TTR playing experience, the App experience is only getting worse. So if you’re new to TTR, it’s worth getting the app. Really, it is. But for those with a good bit of TTR experience, the app is OK, and needs some pretty serious tweaking to make it an app that you’ll go to regularly. With Better AI’s, better servers with cross-platform play, etc., TTR could take the top spot in modern tabletop game apps once again.

Luv the board game, hate the app

Update: yet another issue has surfaced. This latest update Nov2017 has now resulted in an active Germany game being crossed with a UK Advanced game. 4 players are well into a Germany game, each with different times remaining. After the update, our Germany game disappeared and a UK Advanced game appeared with the exact same 4 players and the exact same time remaining as in the Germany game (we could tell because 1 person didn’t update TTR on one device and did the comparison). None of us bought the UK Advanced version and when we open it (it has a notification that it is each of our turns) to supposedly take our turn, it crashes TTR completely. So we have lost the ability to play yet another game. How many times do we have to put up with buggy software that we actually paid for? And, where is the company’s customer service? The TTR app is deeply disappointing. I do not recommend paying money for it. App bugs ruin the fun. Lack of responsive support is infuriating. I was in 7 different games, all different maps with different players. All in different states of play. One morning I had notifications it was my turn but when I went to play ALL of my games were gone. My friends all said I was still in the games and they couldn’t take a turn because they were waiting on me. After trying many many things over the course of a couple of weeks, my friends all had to withdraw and then start over. I contacted support and they said it was a problem on their end and never heard any more despite me reaching out many times. Gave up. Started new games and now in one game I’ve turned into a bot with 9+ days still left. I can’t believe I paid $$ for all these games. Responsive Customer service would go a long way to upping the stars on this review even with the buggy software.

What is going on here?

I bought this app because the version i had (TTR Europe) told me it needed to be updated to support iOS 11 and TTF Europe was no longer available stand alone. I have 2 devices I use and one has been updated to iOS 11 and it will not install the app on the iPad because it is not compatible. it works fine on my device running iOS 10

Login issues

Used to love playing this but for some reason, I have been logged out and the app won’t let me log back in. Ugh!!!

Can’t Log In

I’m obsessed with the app for one of my favorite games! Until recently that is. Not sure if the recent update for apple is what is causing the glitch for the app but out of nowhere I was logged out of my app and when trying to log back in the app freezes.

Love game however

Recently it will not let me log into my account. I hit log in and it asks for email. I put email then it does nothing. Anyone else having this issue

It’s a fantastic game

But the reason I’m only giving it 3 stars is because you’re held hostage to a player who decides to not play anymore and the game comes to a halt for 15 minutes. This is annoying and has basically deterred me from wanting to play this game any longer. It happens every game. We need an option to kick players out of games. This is ridiculous.

Unreliable online play

Online multiplayer play frequently resets if it works at all. Don't buy this game.


The game is fun, and works properly 85% of the time, but bugs happen way too often

Great game!

Ticket to Ride is great and the new maps are awesome. Can’t wait to see which map gets added next!

Same game, charged twice

This is the exact same game they had previously, but they released it new and stopped maintaining their old version. There are other maps than just the USA, but each map is $0.99. So no deals there. If you have the previous version, don't buy this one. It should have been released as an update, not different game.

Not fun

I could not understand how to play this game. The tutorial would draw and play cards for me without explaining why I should do that. Since I never played the board game, I couldn’t figure out what to do next or why. Very confused. Putting this game aside.

Great game need bug fixes

Love the game. Please update while playing it keeps timing you out and take back to menu then got to resume does this multiple times. Please fix.

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